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Last week I wrapped my year-long daily photography project.  I’m very happy to be starting a new weekly Project 52 with the same group of photographers, and a few new friends.  I’m only in week one and I’ve already stumbled on one of the challenges of a P52 project.  I had a particular image planned for this week and I completely failed on the execution, and unlike a daily project where one bad image doesn’t break you, this left me scrambling for a new idea and time to implement it.  So…Plan B: dramatic pumpkin lighting and some editing experiments.jenrphoto.com_50_0011

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I’ve always heard people speak positively about completing a 365 photography project.  When I started this last October, I decided to frame my endeavor as a “daily project”, setting the goal to photograph or edit or in some way learn about or focus on photography for a few minutes each day for a year.  I wanted to give myself a little space to adapt the project to my life, instead of feeling like a failure the first time a day got away from me.  This daily project has been a really great experience and it’s kept me engaged with photography throughout the long winter months, the hectic weeks at work, and the photography lows when I wasn’t feeling inspired or was frustrated with a technical skill.

There are some great resources out there to serve as inspiration for 365 projects, but the thing that pulled me through was working through this process with the other photographers in this blog circle.  Having the support to work through photographic slumps and having the deadline for a weekly blog post were crucial to my not throwing in the towel, and I can’t thank them enough.  Make sure to continue through the circle, one last time, to see Andrea’s contribution to our year long project.

If you are interested in starting a photography project and in search of your own group, I can’t recommend the Clickinmoms forum enough.  It’s a really welcoming group of photographers, of all skill levels, and it’s a wonderful place to connect with other photographers.

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I’ve been taking advantage of our beautiful September weather by taking lots of walks around the neighborhood this month, with my Lensbaby Edge 80 along for the


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